Parish Church News – June 2020


Please note that, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, all Church services here in Oaksey and in the other 5 Churches in the Braydon Brook Benefice have been cancelled until further notice. For the time being, we have also cancelled:

  • all of the scheduled Church Open Days until further notice.

In case of need, our Rector, Revd. Tonya Nixon can be contacted via email:

or by telephone on:

01666 575216

Greetings from Revd. Tonya

‘Life in lockdown’

It feels like this phrase has been with us forever. For me this unusual time is full of struggles and challenges, good days and less easy days and a time of reflection and hope.  
At the time of writing, it was a great day, full of encounters, birds, deer’s, hedgehogs visiting the garden, sun shining warm on my face. Pure moments of joy! Today, on a brief walk out, with the threat of rain and strong winds blowing around me, I saw my first swallows of the season. A sense of the familiar returned. Maybe it’s a sign of the things to come. Life returning to a new kind of normal perhaps?

Seeing such beauty here in rural Wiltshire means for me it is hard to reconcile these joyful days of spring, with the hugely challenging and sorrowful time many people are experiencing. I find myself saying to God, ‘What is all this about?’, ‘What are you calling us to learn?’ 
The Queen, on VE Day, spoke of hope, of never despairing and never giving up and I guess that is what we must cling to at the moment. As humans we do adapt, we do reinvent and invent. Over these past seven weeks, we have seen new hospitals built, we have seen companies helping for the common good and we have had to find new ways of working…there is so much that we have done. Out of the chaos, so much good can be seen.  

For Braydon Brook Benefice, lockdown has meant that a new church has had to be grown. We have had to become more flexible. Through the use of technology your church has reached out (Thank God for Zoom!). Some examples are – daily contact with our schools; the offering of worship together three times a week; a weekly fun quiz; and fundraising for other charities. For more information, why not check out the website: 

We have mourned with those who are bereaved, we have journeyed with those who weddings have needed to be cancelled and we have spoken with those who might be in need. We have sent church services and thoughts of the day to those who do not have access to the internet and we have spoken to many, who we felt might be in need of someone to say ‘hello’. If you know of anyone who would welcome a call from myself or a member of the team, let me know. Email: or 
Know that your church hasn’t gone, hasn’t disappeared, its doors may be locked, but there is still much going on.   
As Jesus said to us, I say to you – [Why not] come & look?
With every blessing Revd. Tonya