Parish Church News – October 2020


We are delighted to announce that there will be a Matins service at Oaksey at 10am on Sunday, 11th October. The service will be taken by Martin Green.

Please note the new date and time of 10am (previously 11am on the 1st Sunday of each month).

Greetings from Revd. Tonya

Hello Friends

Last month we celebrated Harvest and what joy it was to have all six churches open for this festival. The flowers, the gifts and, of course, the people, made each service held in the Benefice so very special. 

This month the service rota has changed again. I now invite you to come to any service, held in any of the churches, on any Sunday. What does this actually mean?  Each church in the Benefice will have at least one service each month. So, if you live in Minety, why not come along to a service in Crudwell? Live in Crudwell, why not come along to a service in Charlton?

Each Sunday, two of the churches will be open for worship, both starting at 10am, one will be Holy Communion, the other will be Morning Prayer. (see the rota or the website for more details: ).

On the last Sunday of the month, we’re relaunching again the very successful Friends and Family Service which commenced way back in January. This service will include story and craft, though sadly no song or cake. Why not come along and see what this is all about. And on that Sunday, I’ll also be throwing in an 8.30am Communion Service, either at Ashley or Minety.

It is so great that our churches are open again. Why not come and be a part of what is happening within the Braydon Brook Benefice? Braydon Brook, serving the villages of Ashley, Charlton, Crudwell, Hankerton, Minety and Oaksey.


Revd. Tonya

Braydon Brook Group Church services – October 2020

It’s so good to open all our benefice churches for Sunday worship and the Revd. Tonya and the Churchwardens have planned services for all the Braydon Brook churches during October. In addition, the services on Zoom and YouTube will continue.

Everyone is welcome to attend any of these services.

However, it is very apparent that the pandemic situation is changing rapidly and sadly it may be necessary to cancel or amend services at short notice.

Up to date information will always be available from the Braydon Brook website:

Contact details:

Revd. Tonya Nixon: Rector


Telephone:  01666 575216 Mobile: 07341 328682

Alison Withers: Parish Administrator


Parish Office: 01666 825019

Sunday Service Rota                       October 2020

All services commencing @ 10am (unless stated otherwise).                                                

 Sunday Service Rota                                            Streamed/Zoom Services

4th             Ashley       Holy Communion            Streamed Morning Prayer

Crudwell     Morning Prayer                   

11th           Charlton     Holy Communion                

Oaksey      Matins                            Zoom Evening Prayer @ 6:30pm

18th           Hankerton  Holy Communion        Streamed @ 6:30pm   

Minety       Morning Prayer                  

25th          Crudwell     Morning Prayer          Zoom Friends & Family Service                 Ashley        BCP Communion @ 8:30am

On Sunday, 1st November, there will be an All Souls Service at All Saints Church, Crudwell, between 4pm & 6 pm.

All Souls is the day when we remember those who have died.

You are invited to come along where there will be an opportunity to light candles, say a prayer and spend a little time remembering those we love, but see no longer.