Minety Solar Farm

Message from the Minety Solar Farm Action Group.

Minety Solar Farm Project

Wiltshire County Council is due to close shortly its consultation and then make a decision on a huge, 50MW, solar farm being proposed at Minety. It would cover 271 acres of farmland around the Minety sub-station and adjacent to 150WM of battery storage facilities under construction there. 

The Minety Solar Farm Action Group has written to the Council pointing out this proposal fits in with a large number of such projects, in operation or approved, in Wiltshire, making it home to much the largest number in England. The Group goes on to say that the scheme would breach a number of national and county planning policies and guidelines and should be rejected. Its adverse impacts include its visibility in an undulating landscape. The proposal also fails to analyse properly  flood risk or the risk to wildlife such as great crested newts or ground-nesting birds like the curlew. Information on the project from the Group is provided on the link below. 

Alert. Kemble Solar Farm Project

And we now have the further prospect of another solar farm, though at an earlier stage of development, being proposed closer to home on some 170 acres of farmland between Kemble Wood, Woodlands and Kemble Wick which is owned by the Bathurst Estate. The larger portion is just over the boundary in Gloucestershire with the smaller portion in Wiltshire in Crudwell. It lies directly on the border of Oaksey Parish.

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