Cribbage Club

oaksey cribbage clubOaksey has had a crib team for many years as one of the Wheatsheaf’s pub teams. We play in the Cirencester league, which consists of 2 Divisions and includes various pubs in the Cirencester area. Games take place on a Monday evening and we play a home and away game against all of the other teams in the division.

We play as three pairs and the tactics and strategy required for team play is quite different from singles games. Each pair plays 5 games but it is a team game so the scores of each of the pairs are totted up at the end of the evening.

The season is played through the winter months and there is a singles and doubles knockout competition that you can enter if you choose, which takes place in parallel with the league matches.

Crib is a great game for ladies or men of any age. There is always good banter and the chance to see other pubs that you wouldn’t normally visit. A couple of beers, good company, a friendly competitive element and sandwiches provided by the home team at the end of the evening – a great way to spend a Monday evening.

We pay £2 each when we play and this goes to pay for an annual dinner that we hold with our spouses in the Wheatsheaf in the summer.

If you have an interest in playing please contact Mike Bye on 07753 744040.

We will be happy to teach anyone that has no knowledge of the game to see how you like it.