Defibrillator & Trained First Aiders

We are lucky to have 2 defibrillators in the village in case of emergencies, one at the village shop and one at the school.

The defibrillator at the village shop is unlocked and can be accessed when required.

The one at the school is locked and requires a code, if the postcode you give is more than 200m from the school then the defibrillator information does not appear for the operator to use.

The triage operation which starts when 999 is rung will help to give advice about immediate action. The ultimate decision about fetching the defibrillator should rest with the caller(s) who will have to go to the School. The code for the school defibrillator is below.


If the defibrillator is used then it is vital that the School or any member of the Parish Council is told so that we can organise its safe return and reset.

Also included below a list of those in the Village who most recently completed the Red Cross life support course. If ever needed we hope that this information will prove to be useful and possibly even life-saving.

Names and contact numbers of those who successfully completed the British Red Cross AED (Automated External Defibrillator) with Life Support First Aid Course in February 2016 and can be called upon in the event of an emergency in the Village.

Charlotte Burnaby-Atkins
Oaksey House, Oaksey
01666 577783 – 07786 194752

Katie Carter
8 Court Farm
01666 577717 – 07954 334584

Margaret Dakin
Lindisfarne Cottage, Wheatsheaf Ln
01666 575117 – 07761 649286

Anisa Dunnage
3 Cargill Place
01666 575003 – 07985 610967

Jacqueline Falkingham
Finniston House, Minety Lane
01666 577956

Angela Gee
Church Farm Barns, Wick Road
01666 577772 – 07979 647723

Christopher Heard
Hill Farm Cottage, Oaksey
01666 575437 – 07771 717553

Jane Mulraney
5 Bendy Bow
01666 575290 – 07904 407634

Jenny Moody
Oakwood House, The Street
01666 575004

Fred Price
Garden Cottage, The Street
01666 577955

Mike Martin
5 The Green
01666 577797 – 07816 834027