Village Playground Project

We are very grateful for all the amazing work that has been done improving and producing what is a wonderful asset for the village.  The amount of work involved in obtaining grants and negotiating in respect of the new playground equipment has been huge and we are very grateful for all those who got involved in the project.

The playground committee are still continuing to improve this space and I’m sure would be grateful for anyone who wishes to get involved in further fundraising activities.

Oaksey Playground Equipment Project 

Project to upgrade the facilities in the playground and looking to:-

Purchase additional new items of equipment

Spread the areas of play around the edge of the playing field

Appeal to more and hopefully all age groups.

Diversify the reach of play through new activities

If you have a particular area of expertise and would like to join or assist the group or if you have any particular ideas you wish to contribute then please contact us on the email addresses above.

Nicola Clarke –

Joanna Brackley –

Jane Brezan  – (Images or photo ideas please email)