The Well Garden

The Well Garden is an oasis of peace, located near the Village Shop, which was generously donated in 1931 by Capt. and Mrs William Phipps, as a playground for village children.

Everyone is welcome to use and enjoy it.

Oaksey Well Garden 

We’ve been making good progress with the wildlife garden and I’m pleased to share that the play sculptures have now been installed and are ready for the children to enjoy! As well as the wooden bee & butterfly, we also have some engraved button stools which provide children with the opportunity to take rubbings if they take along some paper and pencils/crayons.

The remainder of the planting will take place in autumn once we’ve had an opportunity to see if the wildflower grass takes off!

Thank you to everyone who has supported this community project so far, including the children of Oaksey School, who came up with the garden design and also our generous sponsors.

Many thanks, Anita, Tracy & Sarah

(The Well Garden Working Party)