Oaksey Parish Council

The Parish Council meets on the second Thursday of each month (except August) in The Rest in Oaksey Village Hall. Members of the public are welcome to attend. Meetings start at 7.00 pm. The first 10 minutes of each meeting are set aside as a Public Question Time. The agenda for each meeting is posted in the noticeboard outside the Village Hall. Currently your parish councillors are as follows:

The clerk to the Parish council is Veronica Hourihane, who can be contacted on 01285 706303 Email – parishclerk@oaksey.com


The Parish Council are able to consider small grants for local groups to help support the community and enhance the village.  If you would like us to consider an application please find below the detailed requirements and the application form.  Please note, all applications over £500 require 3 quotes for the works being considered.

Grant policy

Grant application Form

A copy of the most recent unaudited accounts for the parish can be viewed here.

A copy of the Parish Council Minutes can be found here. Please note the most recent minutes have not been approved and signed off by the parish council.

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Road Improvements – West end of the village Closure 4/11 – 2/12

We’ve now been informed that the road works to make a raised junction outside the shop will take place in November. This will improve the whole area including surface drainage.

It looks as though it will take up to FOUR weeks to complete and for a short period Earl’s Corner will also be inaccessible.

This will involve some significant traffic disruption as there will at times be no traffic access through the junction from any direction.

This link will show you the detailed plans for the junction.

We’ve waited several years for this improvement and it looks as though it will really happen this time.

View the plan here

Strategic Land Allocation- Information from the Parish Council

We felt that you should know that Wiltshire Council have sent us the attached map for our Village. This shows 7 sites which have been registered by their owners to ‘make Wiltshire Council aware that the land proposed might be suitable’ for future residential development. Their inclusion in the long term strategic plan does not, we are told, give this land any preference at all in the planning process.

The Parish Council has forwarded its outright and total opposition to these sites. They are all outside our residential boundary and are not required to satisfy future housing needs in Oaksey.’

Click to view the Strategic Land Allocation Map